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Services / Customs

Cooperating directly with customs terminals and availability of own specialists at the different terminals and customs posts as well as our knowledge and a huge amount of experience in working with customs authorities allows our company to offer you full range of customs-related services:

Our company for many years has been working with a wide classification of goods of biggest foreign producers and consumers.

We would like to draw your attention that as an alternative for your comfort we can purchase required goods from your vendor / supplier and carry all the necessary procedures for the delivery of goods from the supplier warehouse to "your door" and sell you the goods under the local (Russian) contract with the contract price quoted in rubles. At the same time providing full and transparent calculation of the final price, a breakdown of all costs charged for the transportation from the seller to the final buyer.

Basic tariff

Service description Tariff*
1 Custom Clearance-related Services 25 000,00 rub.
2 Drafting of the Declaration of Customs Value, additional page (per page) 1800,00 rub.
3 Drafting of the Customs Value Correction 1750,00 rub.
4 Cargo inspection services 2,50 rub./kg. actual weight (min.3000,00 rub./ cargo)
5 Services for the registration of the customer with the customs authorities 3000,00 rub.
6 Services for the customs inspection before registration of declaration: 300,00 rub./per 1 HS code (min.3000,00 rub./ cargo)

* All tariffs are w/o VAT 18%. Not a public offer.